Melun: when the inter-union calls for real social dialogue with hospital management

“Director M. Peljak is going to have the Legion of Honor and says it’s thanks to his staff. But I want to tell him: what do you do for the staff? He doesn’t come to see us. On Monday, he did not receive the psychiatric caregivers who demonstrated during the vows ceremony on Friday. All the agents would like him to make a Live my life with them…” Sud Santé Solidaires delegate, Stéphane Saillet does not mince his words. He is one of the strikers of the movement launched this Tuesday, January 24 by an inter-union CGT, CFDT, FO and South.

The management refutes any lack of social dialogue with the unions. “The director received them in 17 meetings in 2021 and 11 in 2022. The HRD and the care management 30 times in 2021 and around thirty in 2022. Mr. Peljak made himself available Monday morning for psychiatric caregivers. No one showed up,” she says.

Everyone knows the charitable commitment of the director, vice-president of the Red Cross of Melun, president of the association of voluntary blood donors of Melun and its surroundings, former president of the Rotary-Club of Melun… But all deplore files of serious and imminent danger “dragging” (in psychiatry, maternity, emergencies and outpatient consultations), “the deterioration of working conditions” with a drop in the “target workforce”.

That is to say “staff necessary for the proper functioning of the service”, according to management. Their decrease makes working conditions very tense and would encourage caregivers to leave. “At the southern Ile-de-France hospital in Corbeil, there are four nursing assistants for 26 patients on short geriatric stays. Here it is four for 36…”, advance the unions. “And the fewer of us there are, the less time we have to respond to families! »

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Management relativizes this strike followed by “1% of the 2,500 GHSIF staff”

Overall in Ghsif, the tension on the workforce generates overload of work, risk of committing a fault… Some caregivers stop. Nicolas Charpentier (CGT) lists 290 accidents at work and occupational diseases in 2022, including 147 work stoppages. “We are told about the prevention of psychosocial risks and accidents at work, but nothing is happening! »

They claim better security. “Since the stabbing of a manager in the hall at the end of 2022, we have had a 24-hour security guard in the atrium, in addition to the security guard at night in the emergency room. But at the general reception, there is no emergency call button. »

The management recalls the “emergency call buttons for emergencies and MRI, the protection devices for isolated workers in psychiatry, the installation of anti-intrusion systems in certain sensitive sectors of the hospital”. A study is underway to increase the video surveillance system.

In the end, the management relativizes this strike followed by “24 agents including five nurses, three nursing assistants and an ambulance driver”, or “1% of the 2,500 GHSIF staff”. The unions reply that it is “complicated to mobilize when there is always something to do. But the unanimity of the agents supports us”.

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