Melania Trump Defended Amidst Twitter Storm on Jill Biden – “Women Destroying Other Women” | World

Ms Trump saw herself at the center of the scrutiny when frantic Twitter users brought up her past as a model in an attempt to justify the First Lady’s latest fashion choice. A Sky News contributor jumped in to the 45th first lady’s defense, alleging that the two scenarios were not comparable.

Commentator Daisy Cousens said: ‘What I was disputing was that people put pictures of Melania when she was a swimsuit model as if to kind of denounce that people were criticizing Jill Biden when’ look at how well Melania used to dress’. “

She added that people making such comparisons were a case of “women demolishing other women.”

Ms Biden sent shockwaves over the internet on Thursday when photographs obtained at Andrews Air Force Base in Md. Showed her wearing black fishnet stockings with floral patterns.

The fashion statement was widely commented on on social media platforms, with some users calling the clothes “trash”.

One person said, “Madonna called and wants her trashy look back, Doc. “

Another commentator added: “Sounds ridiculous…

“It’s an outfit for a 3-year-old, not for an elderly person. “

Other Twitter users have defended Ms Biden, with one hailing the look as “fabulous,” while others have targeted the former first family.

One user brought one of Donald Trump’s controversial moments into the debate, saying, “Honestly, if you’re more offended by FLOTUS wearing fishnets than the (former) president mocking people with disabilities, you’re the one. problem.”

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