Melaney Ricardo was shocked by Tyson Lynch’s divorce twice because of this

JAKARTA, – Master of Ceremony Melaney Ricardo quite surprised her husband, Tyson Lynch, pronounced the word divorce twice in the last two years.

The reason is, Melaney Ricardo admits that he says the word divorce more often than Tyson Lynch.

Even so, Melaney Ricardo realized, the word divorce that was spoken from each other’s mouth was only limited to a moment’s emotion.

“I have (said the word divorce), actually I am more often than not,” Melaney Ricardo was quoted as saying on the YouTube channel TRANS TV Official, Tuesday (6/4/2021).

“Surprised, because he seems really frustrated. Because we often make noise more often. But I know, it’s just like, you know, because it’s just emotional for a moment, “said Melaney Ricardo again.

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Both Melaney and Tyson Lynch consider keeping things together household not often saying the word divorce is a homework that must be done.

However, Melaney Ricardo did not deny that the fight could happen again even though he is now happy with Tyson again.

“You mean now when you meet people everywhere, ‘eh, are you happy again? Are you better?’. Yes, yes, but there is no end. Marriage is until we die. it’s gonna be a long, “said Melaney Ricardo.

“The process, there will be more fuss for sure, there will be more bickering. Because indeed, that’s part of married. Part of getting married is noisy, happy, laughing, crying, like that, “said Melaney Ricardo.

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It’s just that, Melaney Ricardo and Tyson Lynch will try to stay happy in their marriage.

It is known, Melaney Ricardo married Tyson Lynch on July 31, 2020.

From that marriage, Melaney and Tyson have two children named Chloe Valentine Lynch and Courage Jordan Lynch.

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