Megxit, The Crown and coronavirus: is 2020 the new “annus horribilis” of the British royal family? | TV and Show

2020 was a turbulent year for the world and also for the British royal family. The most famous monarchy in the world changed its traditions amid a pandemic that still continues.

At 94 years old, Queen Elizabeth knew what teleworking was, which she had to implement to continue her work as the guide of “the firm”, while her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who is about to turn 100, continues to accompany her.

Is 2020 the year the queen could re-qualify as “Annus Horribilis”, just as he did in 1992, when his children divorced and he almost lost Windsor Castle in a fire?

While there were no divorces, Yes, there was a painful separation for the “family business” together with the Prince Andrew scandal, which still continues, and a pandemic that, despite having “blue blood”, did not free them from contagion.

Megxit: A retirement plan that came to fruition

The year started with bad news at Buckingham Palace. On January 18 they announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would separate from the British royal family., renouncing their royal obligations to turn to their own solidarity projects, specifying a plan that would have begun when they decided that their son Archie would not carry a noble title, he stressed Infobae.

The decision, which they had discussed last Christmas when the family met in Sandringham, implied an unusual event for the monarchy, since this separation even considered that they will begin to be financially independent.

As highlighted The country, this would have generated a fracture between the heir to the crown, Prince William; and his brother Harry, since the separation would be another factor that added to a series of situations that would have ended up distancing Diana’s children.

Currently the couple maintains their agreement, living in the United States, specifically in Los Angeles, California, from where they actively participate in different solidarity activities, very attached to their profile as philanthropists.

However, that agreement with the royal family was in question. when the couple did not hesitate to call on Americans to register and vote in the last elections that removed Donald Trump from the presidency of the United States.

On the occasion they pointed out that “This is the most important vote of our lives, but this year it really is. When we vote, our values ​​are put into action and our voices are heard ”.

With this, the couple violated one of the most important principles of the British royal family, which is not get involved in politics, considering that they are prohibited from voting, something that Harry remembers in his message, highlighting that he has never voted in his life.

The gesture the couple made infuriated Trump, declaring “I’m not a fan of hers” , regarding Meghan Markle, adding “I would tell you something that she has probably already heard: I wish Harry the best of luck, because he will need her,” he reported. The country.

The coronavirus pandemic will separate them from the family for the first time this Christmas, as they will continue to enjoy the California sun for these holidays at their residence, whose garden is the place where they posed for their traditional Christmas postcard, an illustration with their offspring as protagonist with the couple’s dogs and cats, highlighted Hello.

Andrew’s shaky alibis

In November 2019 Prince Andrew gave an interview to the BBC that confirmed the earthquake that would come for him. Your bond as a friend of the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of maintaining a child sex trafficking ring in the United States, was even more exposed.

In the opportunity, her hesitant demeanor and evident nervousness at Emily Maitlis’s questions turned the interview into one of royalty’s greatest television disasters, who immediately removed him from his public duties.

The prince denied abusing Virginia Roberts Giuffre in 2001 when she was only 17 years old, stating that she had attended a pizzeria with her daughter Beatriz.

However, a year later, the Daily Mail claimed to have had access to Andrés’s agenda where he only pointed out one trip to a theater function in the morning and an appointment with a manicurist, he highlighted The country.

Another point that the British media discovered points to the fact that The prince would have stayed – and for three days – at Epstein’s house when he visited New York in 2001, which he denied in the interview, although he did acknowledge having been there in 2010.

These revelations shake the alibis maintained by Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son, who must testify before the FBI in the United States and could go to jail if it is proven that he committed sexual abuse.

At the moment, he is still in exile from the royal family and his appearances are reduced to the maximum, so much so that he was not even seen in the official photos of his daughter Beatriz’s marriage.

The Crown, an attack on Prince Charles?

Season 4 of the popular Netflix series focusing on the life of the British crown premiered on November 15. unleashing strong criticism of his freedom with the script.

The series reviewed Princess Diana’s relationship, characterized by Emma Corrin, with Prince Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, from the moment he entered the royal family and how was his relationship during the first years, when he had to deal with an heir in love with another woman, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The scripting freedoms that Netflix took raised sensitivity in the British, who criticized that it would be “Totally partial”, “slander” or a “attack”. The same was said by chroniclers of royalty and those close to the royal family, who this time went too far.

According to AFP, Penny Junor, specialist of royalty, declared that the fourth season “It makes Diana the victim and Carlos the evil one, when they were both victims”, reproaching the series for blaming the relationship with Carlos for Diana’s bulimia, or claiming that he continued to have a relationship with Camila right after the wedding.

The Serie, which also addresses the relationship of Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher, presented Carlos and Camilla as the great antagonists of history, which even led them to disable the comments of their official accounts on social networks.

The action responded to the series of messages that fans left Camilla, recalling that she was the lover of her current husband when he was still married to Princess Diana, who died 23 years ago.

The drawbacks also led to the fact that even the British Minister of Culture, Oliver Dowden, will make a request to Netflix, requesting that the platform detail in its catalog that The Crown, the series focused on the history of the crown, was a fiction about the events that actually occurred.

“Is a wonderful work of fiction, but like other television productions, Netflix should be very clear from the beginning that it is just that and nothing more, “he told the English morning Mail on Sunday.

However, did not find a positive answer by the platform streaming, who referred to the issue through The Hollywood Reporter, pointing out that “We have always presented The Crown like a drama and we have every confidence that our users understand that it is a work of fiction that is based largely on historical events “, adding that “We have no plans (to introduce the clarification Dowden requests), and we don’t see the need to add an alert”.

Blue blood does not free you from covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the world and the British royal family was not spared: Prince William was infected in April this year, shortly after his father, Prince Charles, tested positive in March, being isolated for 7 days in Scotland.

The second in line of succession kept his illness a secret in order to avoid alarming the UK which, at the time, was in lockdown as cases were increasing rapidly globally, he said. The vanguard.

Another reason for not alerting to this situation was that the 38-year-old prince would have considered that “There were important things and I did not want to worry anyone”, for which he was treated by palace doctors and kept in isolation in his country residence at Anmer Hall, keeping your official commitments over the phone or video conference.

For its part, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Philip of Edinburgh, 94 and 99 years old respectively, decided to remain on the outskirts of London spending a season confined to their residence in Windsor and another in Balmoral, for the summer.

Although she resumed her official activities, with extreme precautionary measures that included testing everyone who was with her, she returned to confinement amid the new wave of infections that affects England.

As highlighted Infobae, the sovereign will interrupt its tradition of more than 30 years and it will not spend the end of the year festivities at Sandringham, but will remain at Windsor Castle.

“After reviewing all the advice received, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have decided to spend Christmas quietly in Windsor,” said a spokesman for Buckingham Palace.

Despite the queen’s decision, her family is being questioned, since the British media Mail Online photographed the heir to the throne, Prince William with his wife, Kate Middleton, their children and the Duke and Duchess of Wessex visiting Luminate Sandringham.

The visit, which they made near their residence in Norfolk, would not comply with the measures announced by the government, which limit outdoor meetings to 6 people, considering children.

A source in Sandringham said that families were given space to walk the trail with their groups, however it was difficult to keep them apart, especially at bottlenecks, he said. CNN.



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