Meghan surprised the audience. They compared me to a clown for my hair, she said

After weeks in seclusion, the Duchess and the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, are entering social life again. The couple, who have given up their position in the British royal family in order to leave the spotlight, have been joining them more and more recently. Most recently, Meghan gave an interview in one of America’s most popular talk shows.

“On Wednesday, the producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show announced that Meghan will appear in an episode aired in the States on Thursday. This is her first solo television interview since she became a member of the British royal family. At the same time, it is the first major performance since the groundbreaking interview given by Meghan and Harry to host Oprah Winfrey in March this year, in which they talked about the unhappy life in the royal family, “CNN said.

Although only excerpts from the new interview are published so far, it seems to have been much more relaxed than the much-discussed interview with Oprah, which caused an even greater split between the Dukes of Sussex and the British royal family than their departure to the United States. “The biggest surprise for fans who are used to the royal family being more restrained may be that Meghan showed off her playful side in Ellen’s show and took part in a series of jokes invented by the host,” writes Town and Country magazine.

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In an amusing clip, Meghan went among the marketers and behaved really strangely. She had a handset in her ear, through which the presenter Ellen gave her instructions. “Meghan, for example, squatted on the sidewalk and drank from a baby bottle in her purse while the vendors stared at it in disbelief,” said.

The clip shows Meghan taking various objects in her hands and performing almost rituals with them.

Lilibet for skunk

Beyond the jokes, Meghan revealed details of her family life in California. She repeatedly stressed that leaving her royal family and moving to the US state of California with her husband was a good decision. She said, for example, that her husband, Prince Harry, was enjoying California. “She loves it here. Lifestyle and weather are very good. We are simply happy, “said the Duchess of Sussex.

Fans of the couple, whose departure from the British royal family earned the nickname Megxit, also saw other photos of the couple’s older child, Archie, thanks to the show. Meghan and Harry rarely publish photos of their children, so no one has ever seen a picture of their daughter Lilibet. “During the interview, Meghan published a photo of Archie feeding hens on their farm in Montecit,” reports

The boy in the shot is not visible in the face, but he apparently inherited red hair from his father. As some servers have pointed out, he has yellow rubber boots from the British brand Hunter with a picture of a pig Pepp, a character from the British animated series. The same character is said to have been adored at a certain age by the son of William and Kate, Prince George.

According to Meghan, her son likes to be the “big brother” of little Lilibet. Her children don’t really appreciate the popular American holiday Halloween. “We wanted to do something funny for the children, but they didn’t think so well,” the Duchess outlined.

According to her, Archie was wearing a dinosaur costume for a short time, and Lili was dressed as a skunk, a Flower character from the animated story of Bambi. “Archie didn’t last five minutes,” Meghan said.

Meghan also recalled the time she and her husband immigrated to the United States. “We arrived at the time of the lockdown, exactly when everything was closed. So we could spend a lot of time at home and create our home, “said the former actress.

Like a clown

The Duchess, who has been friends with host Ellen DeGeneres for several years, also talked about her childhood and her years as an actress. She remembered, for example, one of her children’s hairstyles. “The Duchess has described her great time. When she was ten or eleven, she wanted to have the same hairstyle as actress Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral. But her surroundings began to compare her to a clown Krusty because of her hairstyle, “says The Independent. The clown is a character from the series The Simpsons.

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At the time she made a living as an actress, Meghan could only dream of the luxury that later gave her life in the royal family. She drove her own car to the castings. “I had a very old Ford Explorer Sport, and at some point the driver’s side lock stopped working, so it wasn’t possible to get in the car through the door. So I always parked in the parking lot somewhere in the back. After the audition, I opened the trunk and got into the car through it, closed the trunk and crawled around the seats to the driver’s seat. And then I climbed out the same way, “Meghan joked.

Lucrative contracts

In Los Angeles, Harry and Meghan focus on charity and some social issues. He also associates all his public appearances with them. According to The Guardian, Meghan linked the current participation in the show with the promotion of the idea of ​​having paid parental leave in the United States. She has already addressed this request to a representative of the US Congress.

“Everyone knows how challenging and important the first weeks, if not the months, with a small child and how important it is to spend time together as a family. The fact that nothing like this is possible here worries me as a mother of two, and I will do everything I can to make sure that this people get it, “Meghan said in an interview.

The couple, who left the British royal family in 2020, also address issues such as hunger and the promotion of women’s rights. The couple makes a living from lucrative podcasts and documentaries that they have signed with Netflix, among others.

Although they have a number of supporters, the popularity of the Dukes of Sussex in the United Kingdom has fallen sharply since leaving the royal family, with the media most often blaming Meghan for the split with the royal family. According to experts who spoke for Marie Claire magazine, it is currently virtually impossible for the couple to relocate to the UK. It has long been speculated that relations between the couple and the rest of the family, especially Prince Charles and Harry’s brother, Prince William, and his wife Kate, have cooled significantly.

The British media have also long pointed out that, due to family disputes, it is possible that Queen Elizabeth II. he will never see his granddaughter Lilibet live. Recently, however, there have been reports that at least both couples will meet again with Prince William and his wife Kate on America, and it is even possible that William and Kate will be guests at Meghan and Harry’s homestead for several days.

Harry and his family last saw themselves at the sad events of Prince Philip’s funeral and the unveiling of the statue of the late Princess Diana. Meghan did not accompany him to the UK on these occasions.

After leaving the royal family and interviewing Oprah Winfrey, in which the couple accused the royal family of racist behavior towards Meghan as well as ignoring the couple’s psychological problems, Meghan and Harry practically did not appear in public. However, they have performed several times in recent weeks.



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