Meghan: miscarriage! She was holding Archie when she lost her baby – people

Duchess Meghan, 39, suffered a miscarriage in July. Prince Harry’s wife (36) was pregnant with her second child at the time.

Meghan herself wrote about this tragic event in an article published on Wednesday in the “New York Times“Appeared. The title of the essay is “The Losses We Share” (in German: The Losses We Share).

Meghan honestly describes the pain of losing her baby. Describes how one morning she started the day normally with her son Archie (1), without knowing that a terrible fate would happen to her.

Photo: Henk Kruger / AP Photo / dpa

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One morning in July, after changing her son Archie, Meghan felt a stabbing spasm and slumped to the floorPhoto: Henk Kruger / AP Photo / dpa

“It was a morning in July that started as normally as anyone else: making breakfast. Feed the dogs. Take vitamins. Find the lost sock. Pick up the colored pencil that has rolled under the table. I tied my hair in a braid before getting my son out of his crib. After changing his diaper, I felt a stinging spasm. I slumped to the floor with him in my arms and hummed a lullaby to calm us both down, the happy melody as a stark contrast to my feeling that something was wrong. I knew while I was clutching my firstborn that I was losing my second. “

Meghan’s words get under your skin. Then she describes how she was in the hospital with Harry hours later, holding his hand and they both cried. While she was sitting in the hospital bed and watching her husband’s heart break while he tried to hold her broken self together, she asked him, “Are you okay?” Because she felt that this sentence could mean the first path to spiritual healing .

She remembered that last year a journalist had asked her this question and it had caused great emotions in her. At that time she was on a trip to South Africa with Harry and very exhausted. She nursed little Archie and always tried to save a brave face in public. At the time she replied: “Thank you for asking. Not many people asked me if I was okay. “


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