Meghan Markle’s dad wants to sue the royal couple so he can see his grandchildren

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex again they will have to go through a situation against their will. It is that the controversial father of the Duchess Meghan Markle is planning to sue the royal couple in California court: his goal is to get to see his grandson.

Little Archie’s grandfather stated that “in the near future” he will make a judicial request for “demand the rights to see my grandchildren”he stated in an interview with Fox News. He added that “they are royalty and they have the same rights than any other aristocrat. “

In relation to the situation of your family life, Meghan had previously recognized – during an interview guided by the presenter Oprah Winfrey– that the differences with his father are “irreconcilable”.

In the same line, Markle’s ex-boyfriend once said that his relationship with his father has always been “complicated”.

But man has had no problems to unleash your most politically incorrect thoughts.

This same month he had already been the center of controversy when he attacked in a program against the husband of his daughter – his own son-in-law, Prince harry– calling him “weak”, for –according to him– having succumbed to Winfrey at a time where he was vulnerable.

I also know went downhill against of the also author, saying that she is a person “manipulative” that he used Meghan and Harry for his personal gain: “he is using them to expand his network of contacts,” he said.



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