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Princ Harry a Meghan Markle

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Both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton worship from time to time the memory of their mother-in-law, whom they never knew. It has been more than 20 years since Princess Diana died in a terrible car accident, but her love for her still burns in people’s hearts. And even the two duchesses at various social events show that they did not forget their husbands’ mothers. She was last reminded of Meghan at the NAACOP Awards Ceremony.

Although she has never met her, she carries her husband’s mother in her heart. Meghan Markle is known for being often inspired by the clothes her mother-in-law wore, thus paying a silent tribute to Princess Diana. When the situation doesn’t allow it, Meghan will add to her outfit at least the jewelry that belonged to Harry’s mother.

Dresses and jewelry

The Duchess Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, reappeared on television screens after a long time and, as can be seen, certainly did not underestimate the preparation. While Harry wore a classic black jacket, white shirt and bow tie, Meghan really cared about her dress. She chose a dark blue model with a light blue gradient that closely resembled the dress Princess Diana wore in 1988 during her royal visit to Thailand. As is customary with Meghan, it was definitely not a coincidence. Meghan chose the dress from the designer Christopher John Rogers workshop so that she could show that she was thinking of her mother-in-law.

She chose only decent jewelry for her dress. But the gold bracelet on her right hand attracted the most attention. It used to belong to Harry’s mother. According to the site Daily Mail Harry Meghan donated the bracelet during her first pregnancy. Meghan first showed him in 2018 on a royal trip to Australia. Of course, she could not miss the engagement ring worth more than 8 million crowns, which Harry had made of three precious stones for Meghan. Two of them were part of Diana’s collection.

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Words about Ukraine

During a thank-you speech given by Prince Harry and Meghan after receiving one of the awards, the couple expressed support for Ukraine. For the second time, they have violated the Royal Protocol, which states that members of the monarchy may not publicly express their political views. But this pair has not bothered with that for a long time. They expressed support for Ukraine last Thursday, when the Russian invasion began, and said that they were both firmly behind Ukraine. They received a lot of criticism for their words.

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