Meghan Markle case against English tabloids over personal letter postponed | NOW

The lawsuit that Meghan Markle has filed against the publisher of the English newspaper Daily Mail has been postponed for posting a confidential letter. The UK’s Supreme Court has honored a request to reschedule the hearing, originally scheduled for January 11, 2021, on Thursday.

Markle would have to self-quarantine for two weeks before the London session because she has lived in the United States with the British Prince Harry since the spring and because of the corona crisis there are restrictions on travel to and from Britain.

As a result, Markle would not be able to celebrate New Year’s Day at home with her family. The lawsuit will resume in October 2021.

The Duchess of Sussex sued Associated Newspapers publishing house because Daily Mail published a “confidential, personal” handwritten letter to her father Thomas Markle in February 2019. According to Markle, her privacy would have been violated.

It is striking that in the book of Markle and Prince Harry, published in August, Finding Freedom, parts of the letter are included. The judge previously gave Associated Newspapers permission to use the book in the substantive handling of the case.


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