Meghan Markle asks for a private audience with King Charles III

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle (41) is in no hurry to leave Britain. Before she and Prince Harry (38) return home to the United States of America, she would like to have a private audience with King Charles III. (73), requested by you with a formal letter. According to a royal expert, it is likely that they will try to clear the air.

Meghan Markle a Prince Harry separated from the royal family in an event called Megxit. Despite being in Britain in early September, they did not have a family meeting planned. The turning point came with reports of poor health Queen Elizabeth IIbehind which the prince hastened, but he didn’t have time to say goodbye. They honor his family memory.

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex are expected to remain in Britain until the end of the royal family’s mourning period, which is until 26 September. At that point, Meghan wants to have an audience with the new king, which she has formally requested through a letter.

A safe move

Royal expert Neil Sean confirmed on his YouTube channel that before leaving for California, Meghan wants s Charles III meet in person and talk face to face. The request for a private audience makes it clear that no one else, not even Prince Harry, would attend if the king granted the Duchess.

“The letter is an opportunity to clear the air and explain to the king what was behind the couple’s behavior over the past two years. There is really no way of knowing what the letter will lead to or if the meeting will take place. But Meghan took a really brave step, ”said Neil Sean, who would have said News from the Australian sky.


King Charles III. awaits the difficult period of the beginning of his monarchical era. Relations between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the royal family have been cold recently, so it’s uncertain whether the new king will comply with the public’s request. After all, Prince William himself did not want to talk too much with his brother and wifeand for one simple reason.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are planning to publish a complete book about the royal family and the hardships they went through within it. According to a palace source who spoke to the newspaper Daily mailself Prince William he wanted to suspend longer conversations so as not to give his brother and wife material they could use. The new king might think the same way.

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