Meghan Markle and the trolls: «Salvation? Keep a diary every evening “

An unsustainable, unlivable, almost insuperable situation: the horrible year of the Duchess of Sussex was 2019. The divorce from the Windsors, the farewell to Great Britain and the move to California are but the tip of the iceberg whose real pitfall is move along the social media channels. Meghan Markle was the most “trolled” person of the year, male or female, in the world. She revealed it herself to three US teenagers who went to interview her with her husband for a mental health podcast, Teenager therapy.

For eight of those 12 months – the Duchess underlined – I was not even visible, I was on maternity break or next to a newborn, yet what has been built and spread .. almost unsurpassed. so huge that you can hardly think about how it makes you feel. Markle may or may not be nice, but the smear campaign by which she was hit was unprecedented: weight, skin color, aspirations, tastes, clothes, hair, yoga. Meghan has received criticisms and threats that, even before the Sussex decision to abandon the royals, had led Buckingham Palace to create new rules for social media. In the interview he exposed i damage done to mental health by trolling and told that she managed to get better thanks to writing, a few sentences in a diary every evening: An anchor.

12 October 2020 (change October 12, 2020 | 08:37)



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