Meghan Markle and Prince Harry launch their first Spotify podcast – Kripton

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed personal anecdotes with life and hope lessons from celebrities around the world.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have released the first episode of their new Spotify podcast with details of personal anecdotes and stories from guests from around the world, including James Corden and Sir Elton John.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also shared the memory of their wedding day, when they launched the Holiday Special podcast on Monday (December 29).

On a special episode of Archewell Audio, the couple featured encouraging words from a number of high-profile names from the worlds of philanthropy, social activism, entertainment, and sports.

They decided to share the personal story as a reference to the “power that each one has within us to make this world a better place.”

On the new podcast, Meghan also honored those who have lost loved ones during this year’s current crisis, saying, “And at the same time, to honor those who have experienced uncertainty and unthinkable loss. Our thoughts have been with you, especially this holiday season. “

The Duchess continued: “We thought, what if we could bring together some people who inspire us, people we look up to, and have their thoughts on what they learned in 2020? So we asked some friends, many other people … “

Meghan and Harry, in the first podcast, also presented lessons, reflections and hopes for the coming year. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were emotional as they discussed the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


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