Meghan Markle and Harry surprised at dinner to celebrate a friend’s pregnancy

Meghan Markle e Harry they were surprised in one of the very rare private releases. The couple went to dinner at a restaurant near Santa Monica to celebrate the announcement of a pregnancy. But it’s not about Lady Markle.

In fact, the Sussexes have left their super villa in Montecito to meet with David Foster and Katharine McPhee, their dearest friends, to toast the arrival of their first son. The two couples are very close, so much so that Harry he found a father figure in David Foster to refer to, given that relations with Prince Charles are not relaxed and then he is now very far away.

Harry and Meghan spent several hours in the company of friends, dining at Lucky’s Steakhouse, as reported by the Daily Mail. The Sussex were paparazzi at the parking lot of luxury restaurant. It is the first time they are surprised during a private evening outside their beautiful mansion.

From the paparazzi photos you can see Meghan sporting an arranged, little studied look, as if she had put together the first things she found in the closet. Lady Markle is wearing a brown pullover, black pants perhaps Leather, like those with whom si is shown at America’s Got Talent. On the shoulders a classic trench coat and on the feet a pair of mules with thin heels, in orange satin by Chloe Gosselin, one of the favorite brands of the stars, from Jennifer Lopez to Reese Witherspoon and Celine Dion.

Although the beauty of the jewel shoes is undisputed, they have nothing to do with the rest of the decidedly casual outfit. And they help give the idea of a patchy outfit.

Meghan and Harry, in dark pants and white shirts, arrived at the meeting in an SUV and waited about ten minutes in the parking lot before reaching their friends. The couple wore the mask and appeared quite serious in the paparazzi photos, even if the Prince did not fail to make a loving and protective gesture towards his wife.

After three hours of dinner, the Sussexes left the restaurant around 10.30pm to return home to where little Archie was waiting for them.


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