Entertainment Meghan feels that the king's thumb did not protect...

Meghan feels that the king’s thumb did not protect her during her pregnancy


The documents are the mouthful of the Duchess of Sussex against the British Boulevard. The Daily Mail published two letters that the Duchess wrote to her father in 2018, several months after Prince Harry. Meghan is demanding that the publisher be held liable for the misuse of private information, infringed privacy, and infringed copyright.

Among other things, the first of the Duchess claims that her relationship with the British media deteriorated when a letter from the letter appeared in the press and on the Internet last year. The petitioner became the subject of a large sweat of falenches and harmful links of British tabloids, a specific part of the party, which caused her enormous emonicity and damaged her mental health, as it is documented.

Last year, five of her friends spoke for People magazine in defense of the Duchess. According to the first, they decided to do so because Meghan had never been seen in such a state and they were worried, because she was thotn, the royal institutions did not get enough of her and she was supposed to arm her.

The London High Court recently dismissed the actions of Duchess Meghan against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday. Meghan complained that the letter wanted to provoke a conflict between her father, was running a campaign against him, and his editors had acted dishonestly and with bad minds.

This accused judge reported a general, insufficient presentation or irrelevant to the core of the trial.

Harry was talking about racism

Meanwhile, on the day of Princess Diana’s charity awards, Prince Harry spoke about the need to fight institutional racism. According to him, it is not a city in the company, although it still exists. The Duke of Sussex has recorded a message for award-winning young people from his home in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family.

My wife recently said that our generations and those who were before them did not do enough to correct the problems of the past. I’m so sorry, I’m sorry we didn’t make the world the way you deserved, said the grandson of British Queen Albty II.

He talked about racism in 2016, at a time when he was just engaged to former American actress Meghan Markle. The prince criticized the racial underplay at first about his wife. Meghan’s mother is Toti African American and her father Bloch.

So Meghan missed an MS in her video message to students in mid-school in Los Angeles, where she went, talking about racism. It was in connection with protests after the death of Ernoch George Floyd in Minneapolis, who died after the intervention of a Bloc police officer.


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