Meghan as an unrivaled bully? Nobody can stand it!

Work for Prince Harry and especially for his wife Meghan is strong coffee. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that thirteen top employees have already left their Archewell Foundation. The last expert not to work with Meghan was Catherine St-Laurent. She left the position of director as a mere consultant and it is not expected that she would like to remain in the foundation. According to many, it is Markleová a tyrant who can resort to bullying. While she complains to Oprah about bullying in the palace, she is blamed for this unpleasant act, which is a difficult paradox.

Why is Meghan so unpopular? It’s not just about her past. She unscrupulously stomps the British on tradition

According to and The Times, Jason Knauf, then secretary of Harry and Meghan, should have sent an email describing Meghan’s inappropriate behavior towards employees. “I am very concerned that the Duchess has been bullying two personal assistants in the past year. The treatment of Mrs. X was completely unacceptable… It seems that the Duchess always intends to sit on someone. She teases Mrs. Y and tries to undermine her self-confidence. We received reports from people who witnessed unacceptable behavior towards Ms. Y, “he wrote. It is said that other employees of the prince and the former duchess are about to speak after his act, and it will not be a nice conversation. “They’ve been silent for too long and there’s definitely something to talk about,” said a source from around Buckingham Palace.

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