Meghan and Harry incognito in the streets of Los Angeles: these surprising photos of the princely couple

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took to the streets of Los Angeles to walk their dogs. In a surprising style, the princely couple did not go unnoticed.

After delivering meals to people in difficulty earlier in the week, prince harry and Meghan Markle have taken a romantic stroll to walk their faithful companions, their beagle Guy and their labrador Oz. On the streets of Los Angeles on Thursday, April 16, little Archie’s parents did not go unnoticed with their unexpected look as shown photos unveiled by the website of the British daily newspaper The Daily Mail.

Hidden under a cap, sunglasses and a bandana covering half of their face, Meghan and Harry did they want to go unnoticed or did they take any risk during this period of health crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic which rages on the Californian city? Above all, they followed the instructions to wear masks when traveling. They do not start playing the cat and mouse game with the many paparazzi in Los Angeles.

Since their arrival in California, this is the first time that Meghan and Harry are spotted together on an unofficial outing. A scene from their new daily newspaper under the California sun, where they decided to settle with their son Archie. They took their family SUV to find a green spot for their two dogs. Cautious, Meghan Markle had not forgotten to take with her a small bottle of hydroalcoholic gel to clean her hands. During their ride, they were closely watched by one of their bodyguards.

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Meghan and Harry in relaxed style

For this outing, Meghan Markle had chosen a very relaxed style with white jeans and a black jacket. For his part, Prince Harry opted for a gray polo shirt and classic jeans. After this escapade in the streets of Los Angeles, Meghan Markle appeared in a video to greet The Hubb Community Kitchen of London with which she had written a cookbook a few months ago. Very committed, the former star of the Suits series had distributed with Harry meals for people who are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus, for the benefit of the Project Angel Food association. Dylan, a resident of Los Angeles, did not hide his surprise when he received a call from Meghan Markle, who was waiting for him downstairs from his house with her husband to deliver his meal of the day.

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