Megawati Soekarnoputri Challenges TNI Commander to Increase Domestic Defense Production


The 5th President Megawati Soekarnoputri challenged the TNI Commander, Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, to increase the number of main weapons systems (alutsista) made domestically. He said this while attending the inauguration of the Bung Karno-369 Warship (KRI).

“Pak Yudo, if this (KRI Bung Karno-369) can be made by the country’s own children, how many more do you want to make?” said Megawati in her remarks at Kolinlamil, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Thursday (1/5/ 2023).

He explained that Indonesia is not a continental state, but an archipelagic state, so it requires a lot of ships. Megawati also reminded state officials not to immediately think in the way of thinking of other countries whose territorial conditions are very different from Indonesia.

“Let’s look at the situation, the objective reality of our country, if there are people who still have connections with foreign minds, it doesn’t matter, but what must be remembered is, especially those who have power in this part of the world, it’s not islands,” he said .

“How come so many people forget, our country is not a continent. Our country, I always say, is cool with English, the biggest archipelago in the world (the largest archipelago in the world),” he continued.

Megawati also said that there are many smart people in Indonesia so they should be able to make their own products, including state defense equipment.

“What do we have, the materials are there, I think that’s true, the people are smart. My question is, why can’t we make it now? Do we have no intention, just want to buy directly from outside?” he said.

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Previously, Megawati had said that she proposed that the warship made by the nation’s children be named Bung Karno so that it would feel close to the people. “So in my mind, ‘Bung Karno pays attention to his people,'” he said.

“Stop there, stop by here, because my father likes it that way, because he is very populist,” he continued.

He also admitted that he had spoken with Admiral Yudo before the inauguration of the KRI Bung Karno-369 regarding plans to increase the number of KRIs. Megawati also admitted that she was willing to be invited to discuss with various stakeholders regarding budget needs.

“I’m the general chairman of the party, here is the chairman of the DPR, there’s Mr. Olly Dondokambey, so later we can talk about budget matters,” he concluded.

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