Megan’s father: She commands Harry, who is not good for a husband

Thomas Markle had seen neither the prince nor his grandchildren Archie and Lilibet

The quarrels of all kinds around Prince Harry and his wife Megan do not stop. Whether they want to or not, their personal lives are still in the spotlight. This time the father of the former actress Thomas Markle called, who does not speak at all kindly about his daughter, her husband and grandchildren, “Daily Mirror” reported. Markle gave an interview on Australian television from his home in Mexico, 120 miles south of the Montecito mansion, worth 11 million pounds, where Megan and Harry live.

Harry and Megan with Archie as a baby

Thomas calls Harry a “failed husband” because he did not take care of the mental balance of his faithful. “If my wife or child came to me and said she had mental problems and wanted to commit suicide, I would take them directly to a doctor,” Markle said. He hasn’t met his son-in-law yet, and he’s a little angry that he didn’t ask for his daughter’s hand in the old-fashioned way. For health reasons, Thomas could not take Megan to the altar.

He says of his daughter that he is a controlling person, she commands the family and pulls the strings of everything between them.

Thomas had sued her for not allowing him to see his grandchildren Archie and Lilibet, but said he did not want to use them as a “pawn” in this complex royal game. “They’re almost babies, so I’ll wait,” says Grandpa.

However, the 77-year-old man is of the opinion that this is unfair to the children and their relatives, both to him and to Queen Elizabeth.


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