Mega Bank Launches Top-Level Private Banking Services: Benchmarking Foreign Banks and Aspiring to Join Asia’s Elite

Mega Bank Launches Top-Level Private Banking Services: Benchmarking Foreign Banks and Aspiring to Join Asia’s Elite

The first public bank, Mega Bank (2886), a subsidiary of Mega Bank (2886), announced on the 26th that it will launch private banking services, benchmarking the standards of foreign banks and creating top-level exclusive services for the rich. Chairman Lei Zhongda said, “MegaBank aspires to be the number one public bank, and we must use the scale of the national team and compare with the standards of foreign banks to join the ranks of Asia’s top private banking brands such as Singapore and Hong Kong.”

The first company with public shares! MegaBank launches private bank. Chairman Lei Zhongda (middle) said that with the standards of the national team, it is comparable to the first-class private banks in Hong Kong.Picture/photographed by reporter Ye Yiru

Lei Zhongda said that Mega Private Bank was officially launched today and has always been a model banker. In the first eight months, the earnings per share were 23.8 billion yuan, an annual increase of 57%. Behind this outstanding performance, in addition to the efforts of colleagues, there is also Thank you to business owners and customers for supporting us all the way. Many first-generation business owners have worked hard for many years to accumulate wealth. The asset allocation and inheritance at the top of the pyramid is a “must-have” for the industry. In addition to handling the financial management of high-end customers with billions of dollars, Mega Bank also needs to follow the example of Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. , strengthened from the overall service model. “Comparing the standards of the national team with the standards of foreign banks, we will create a first-class private bank in Asia that can compete with Hong Kong stars.”

In his speech, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Nguyen Ching-hwa said that public banks have not yet had their first private bank. The political and economic changes have been great in recent years. In the past, Taiwanese businessmen were welcomed back to Taiwan, and regulations to encourage the return of funds were added. After the announcement, the Ministry of Finance hopes We asked public stock banks to undertake related funds, so we hope to increase public stock consumer finance and personal finance businesses. After several years of hard work, we were the first to undertake high-end asset management services. In June, we ranked second behind the leader CITIC Financial. Bit by bit, it is not easy to reach an asset scale of nearly 150 to 160 billion yuan. The economic situation on the other side of the Taiwan Strait is not very good, and the continued withdrawal of Taiwanese businessmen will be another opportunity. Future growth is promising and unlimited.

Ruan Qinghua also mentioned that in recent years, public stocks have focused more on corporate finance, but personal finance management is slightly less good, and there is a big gap between it and private banks. The Ministry of Finance has promoted policies such as “dual engines and wings for profit”, and Mega Bank has prepared It’s time to transform. The proportion of consumer finance has increased from 21% in 2010 to 26% in this year’s budget. He said, “I hope that at least one bank will not rely solely on corporate finance, but will grow in an all-round way and build a stable bank.” Mega Bank is well-deserved as a public stock bank.” He looks forward to seeing Mega Bank’s performance improve even further before he retires.

Chen Zhaorong, deputy general manager of Mega Bank, said that financial services for the top rich have become a battleground for industry players. Private banking services are not only to assist the client’s family’s wealth management, but also to address the client’s family’s asset allocation and inheritance planning needs. Private banking The launch of the business represents MegaBank’s emphasis on the needs of top customers. Nowadays, many foreign banks and large private financial holdings have established private banking services to seize market opportunities. However, Mega Bank is definitely the first to establish private banking services based on the standards of public banks and foreign banks.

She said that as for the threshold for private banking, although the foreign standard is US$3 million, Mega Bank’s private bank will focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and will not be limited to US$3 million. In addition, she said that currently, Mega Bank qualifies as a private bank, accounting for about 5% of the number of high-end assets worth 100 million yuan, but it accounts for as much as 20% of the high-end assets (approximately 150 billion yuan). There are about 1,000 asset customers.

Mega Bank has gathered internal elites and external experts, including professionals in the financial field, investment and wealth management, and non-financial fields such as legal and taxation. They are not only familiar with Mega Bank’s internal operations, but also master the professional knowhow elements of private banks in the industry. Through talents inside and outside the organization The integration is stirring to create private banking services suitable for Mega Bank. In addition, Mega Bank also has rich experience in corporate finance, international finance and financial operations, and has as many as 9 service locations overseas to provide customers with the most immediate domestic and foreign financial solutions.

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