Meeting place for ‘otters’ and ‘twinks’: what is Grindr, huh …

The Grindr app is also mentioned in the case involving GR, the young man who stole three BV’s nude photos. An acquaintance of R. initially distributed the images via that app.

Basically, Grindr is nothing more than a dating app for bisexual and gay men, pretty much the gay equivalent of Tinder. Users can look for love or a relationship, but the lion’s share mainly use it to search for casual sexual contacts.

Beer of otter

For example, users can specifically indicate what age and ‘tribe’ they are looking for. Tribes are archetypes from the gay world, how people would describe themselves physically. Going from bears – tall, broad, often very hairy men – up to twinks – narrow, skinny, often smaller men – or so-called otters – something in between. You can also enter specific fetishes (such as a preference for leather). Users can also search specifically for contacts based on a location. When two men start talking on Grindr, it’s not uncommon to send erotic photos of yourself. The atmosphere in the app is often very sexually charged.

Grindr has received praise in the past for democratizing the gay dating world. It serves as a low-threshold digital gaybar or other meeting place for gays. On the other hand, it has already been criticized for reducing men to ‘bodies’ and ‘fetishes’. The app has also been discredited several times due to privacy concerns. For example, sensitive personal data (such as the HIV status or sexual preference of users) has been sold and the company behind the app was in Chinese hands until March this year.

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