Meet Sophia the Robot: The Unconventional Star of the Boss Fashion Show

Meet Sophia the Robot: The Unconventional Star of the Boss Fashion Show

The feet of Sophia the robot, worn by the Boss brand. Image: instagram @boss

However, she was one of the stars of the Boss fashion show in Milan on September 22. Shall we introduce it to you? She’s a little weird, but she doesn’t seem mean.

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In September, everyone is at Fashion Week. Except you. And U.S. The hottest stars of the moment are jostling each other front row at the Dior fashion show in Paris, just a few days after scouring the Milanese shows.

For those absent, here is the summary of the program: models, clothes, champagne, more clothes, stars you… a robot Who opened the Boss fashion show in Milan. I promise, I swear: there is a (good) explanation for this.

A futuristic parade

Before getting to the heart of the matter – and introducing yourself Sophia the robot – a little context. We are in Milan, September 22, 2023 at the Allianz Mico center for the Boss fashion show. This year, the brand’s fall/winter 23 collection is inspired by the future.

The concept of the parade? Techtopiaan artificial intelligence laboratory that looks like it came straight out of the movie Minority Report: dark gray light, transparent cages with plugged-in humans inside. In short, you get the idea: welcome to 2050.

Who says futuristic delirium automatically says robots. Boss therefore chose Sophia, a machine with a rather human appearance. creppy created by Hong Kong artificial intelligence company Hanson Robotics. She welcomed the guests and opened the show. She then attended the parade sitting in the room.

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Exit Gigi Hadid, too human for the job:

Video: watson

The problem? Despite claims, from an external perspective, Sophia doesn’t really look “cutting edge.” Certainly, she stands up like any human being from the age of a year and a half. Big deal! However, she doesn’t seem to be able to move more than that. According to the completely objective writing of watson, she would definitely have “a lawnmower behind his back that helps him walk.”

Judge by yourself:

Video: watson

She did not parade alongside the other models. Damage!

Sophia, who are you?

Sophia the robot was “activated” on February 14, 2016 in Hong Kong.

There she is…

Sophia travels the world. Here in South Africa. Image: instagram @realsophiarobot

Here it is!

Sophia the Robot at an event in Croatia dressed all in black. Image: Instagram @realsophiarobot

On the website of the company that founded it, Hanson Roboticsit is described as “the company’s most advanced robot.” All right.

“Sophia is the world’s first citizen robot and the first UN ambassador for development”

Hanson Robotics

She is both “a science fiction character” and “a research platform for artificial intelligence and robotics”.

Also on the Hanson Robotics site, Sophia “speaks” for herself and says, “Who knows? With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and robotics, my wildest fictional dreams could soon come true.”

Image: gify

Sophia the influencer

On Instagram, Sophia has 219,000 followers. She makes numerous trips – Italy, the United States, Croatia and even South Africa – and appearances of all kinds during congresses and conferences.

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An overview of his professional life accompanied by photos of his “private life”. Last February, for example, she celebrated her birthday in Cannes in a hotel with a view of the water and a luxurious breakfast. A true influencer!

This photo is not weird. Image: instagram @realsophiarobot

One of his last public appearances was at Milan Fashion Week. She was even interviewed by the media Brut, who asked him to define elegance. To which Sophia replied:

“Good morning. I’m Sofia. A humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics

“At the cutting edge of technology,” you said?

Yes… But still?

“I’m here in Milan to talk about Boss’ amazing clothes”

Was Sophia programmed by the brand’s marketing department?grossofficial

Not very revolutionary words. At the same time, could we have asked more of Sophia? Not sure.


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