Meet Lindsey Miller and her passion for investing in startups and supporting entrepreneurs

Driven by the joy of supporting talented and emerging business owners and sharing their success step by step, I started… Lindsey Miller Founding Partner of Mina Moonshots MENA Moonshots work in Dubai.

The company’s work focuses on investing in startups and supporting business owners financially, as well as developing the capabilities of their projects and developing the necessary plans for their success.

“It’s so much fun to share their success in any way, no matter how small,” Lindsey told Euronews.

During her years in Dubai, Lindsey has worked closely with and helped many entrepreneurs and innovators. She believed that receiving financial and operational support helped unleash the potential of people trying to build their businesses. But she noticed a gap in the investment market related to the birth of projects in its early stages, and when her business partner suggested a more organized approach to support the founders, from here they decided to establish a company “Mina moonshots” MENA Moonshots .

With the addition of another partner to the team, the company spent two years with relatively small investments. “In terms of investing, some founders are looking for a very fast journey and growth,” says Lindsey. “We were looking for founders with whom we could be a long-term partnership.” “We found this out,” she says Sineo Packaging A company that provides sustainable packaging solutions for the retail, food and beverage and e-commerce sectors.” Impressed with the company’s track record, they invested in it and helped introduce the market in Dubai.

With continued investment, Inc Joi Gifts Led by its CEO Rami Kahaleh with Lindsey & Partners, the company is an online gifting platform that operates across the Middle East. The main thing was to expand the work of the gift platform. “The idea of ​​always being able to expand your network and expand your customer base was very compelling to us,” explains Lindsey.

For Lindsey and her partners, meeting the right founder plays an important role in making the decision. An example is George Karam, co-founder of The Cloud That use technology to increase revenue by providing access to co-located kitchens and brands, without the upfront cost or risk. Where people can order many items from one location and one time.

“She wasn’t comfortable with the idea of ​​a cloud kitchen and thought it wasn’t a solid way to make money,” says Lindsey. “However, because we trusted the founder and the intelligence of his business models, we went in with him and tried to understand what his project was missing.” “We are very keen on them,” she adds.

In the same way Linda Moonschutz invested in Studio 14 It is a fitness studio with an environmentally friendly concept. The company believed in project founder Komolka Walsh, Lindsey says, “She is so passionate and an expert in her field, we really wanted to share this journey with her and see her take it to the next level.”

MENA Moonshot now supports eight different corporate teams consisting of 300 employees in 10 different countries. Believing that living and working in Dubai has had the biggest impact on their journey, Lindsey and her partners plan to bring new businesses to the city, especially those that can make a positive impact in terms of climate change and sustainability. “If you have a passion for impact, there is nothing bigger and more important, so that’s the point,” Lindsey adds.

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