Meet Henri: The Backpack Hero and His Journey Across France’s Cathedrals

On the videos of the Annecy knife attack, we see him, several times, and for endless seconds, facing, following, courageously pushing back the assailant. We now know a little more about the “backpack hero” as the internet already calls him.

His name is Henri, he is a young graduate of International Management, 24 years old. And ten days ago, he was already in the columns of the Dauphiné Libéré because he decided to make a nine-month trip, across France, on foot and by hitchhiking, to go from cathedral to cathedral.

On Friday, May 26, we met him in Grenoble where he was visiting Notre-Dame Cathedral. Passionate about religious heritage and “having graduated at the very beginning of the year, I decided to take a year to carry out this project which has been a dream for a long time”, he explained to us at the time. “I decided to stay with the locals by knocking on the doors of the places where I am. It’s about living the adventure to the fullest. This approach calls out because it forces a certain abandonment and forces you to open up to everyone. The encounters are all the more beautiful (…) This adventure pushes me to answer two questions: why did our ancestors give themselves so much to build these jewels of apparent uselessness today? What does this say about our country today and what lesson can we learn from it? By going to visit them one by one, my objective is to show that the cathedrals are the symbol of a beauty and a unity that we can easily nourish ourselves with! »

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In Annecy as part of his journey, his path therefore crossed that of Abdalmasith Hanoun, near Lake Annecy. On his social networks, this Friday, Henri published this message: “Pray for the children, I am fine”

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