Meet bear in Trentino, I treated him like a dog – Trentino AA / S

“He followed me for two minutes”


“I treated the bear like a dog, I praised and calmed him.” This is the story told to the Dolomiten newspaper by a South Tyrolean who last week met a bear during an excursion near Cavedago, in Trentino. The 57-year-old from Prissiano, HE, was walking to Lake Garda when a “relatively young” and above all very curious bear suddenly emerged along a forest road behind him. The man accidentally had the phone in his hand and immediately activated the camera. The plantigrade approached “even less than 5 meters”, even when the hiker attempted a detour, leaving the forest road to go up a slope.
The chase, which lasted about two minutes, to the man “seemed like an eternity”. “I didn’t die of fear, because the bear didn’t seem aggressive,” comments the South Tyrolean.

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