Meet Achilles-Andreas, the Greek Prince Who Rivals Brad Pitt’s Handsomeness

Brad Pitt has a serious competitor.

Any woman dreams of marrying a prince, especially if he is also a spectacular handsome man. Not only with the title, but also with external data, the 22-year-old Achilles-Andreas was lucky.

This macho from the Greek royal family. His parents are Prince Paul and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal. At the same time, the young man is not constrained by strict royal protocol and can afford to lead a normal life.

Achilles-Andreas graduated from one of the universities in New York. He chose the acting profession and managed to light up in the TV series The Bold and the Beautiful. He is predicted to be a great success in Hollywood and is often compared to Brad Pitt – the prince’s appearance is incredibly cinematic and attractive.

No wonder millions of fans go crazy over him. Under the photo of the monarch on social networks, the fans literally beg him to marry them. Meanwhile, the prince refuses to talk about the personal and does not introduce his chosen one to the public, which, however, only reassures the girls in love with him.

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