Meenakshi didn’t buy it even though she was given a mech, even after that there was a speech in the back..: Namitha Pramod

Meenakshi Dileep is one of the most popular actresses in Malayalam. Actor Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi’s face was in the media on the opening day of actress Namitha Pramod’s cafe. Namitha Pramod is Meenakshi’s close friend.

Even though she has never acted in any movie yet, Meenakshi got the media attention that the movie actresses who came on the opening day of the cafe didn’t get. The video of Meenakshi not taking the mic when Namitha gave her a microphone to speak on the opening day went viral that day.

Namitha is talking about Meenakshi not buying the mic. Meenakshi is not one to talk like that. Probably because of being in a crowd. After that, there was a speech in the back. Namitha says that after saying things like ‘she is here, I am coming with Mike’.

Namitha had previously said that she befriended Meenakshi during a flight. It was not because she was Dileep’s daughter that he became friends with Meenakshi. Namitha also said that when she saw Meenakshi for the first time, she thought she was a terrible Jada.

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