Medvedeva spoke openly about Milokhin’s escape for the first time – everyone was ashamed

The athlete can no longer control himself.

In the near future, Danya Milokhin is unlikely to return to Russia. The blogger has disappointed many fans and colleagues with just one of his actions.

Previously, the artist agreed to take part in the Ice Age show for the second time, where he performed with figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva. However, after starting working out, the social media star suddenly changed her mind.

Without explaining either to his partner or to the producer of the project, Ilya Averbukh, the musician flew to Dubai. From there he recorded a video message in which he admitted he was tired and didn’t want to do things that didn’t give him pleasure.

For a long time, the two-time world champion did not comment on Milokhin’s actions. He showed his disdain for his celebrity only by unfollowing him on social networks. Now the skater has spoken openly about Dani’s escape.

A video of one of the blogger’s friends appeared on social networks in which a company of young people condemns Milokhin’s behavior and says that he “should be ashamed.” Zhenya joined in what was said and, appearing in the frame, showed only one indecent gesture, with which she revealed her true attitude towards her former partner.

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