Medvedev: If NATO expands, we cannot talk about a “nuclear-free” Baltic Sea

Medvedev says in his Telegram channel that Russia must react to this without emotion, with a cool mind.

“As far as NATO has 30 or 32 members, it is not so important to us. Two less or two more big differences will not make. Another thing is that if Sweden and Finland join NATO, the length of the alliance’s land borders with the Russian Federation will more than double. Naturally, these borders will have to be strengthened, “said the Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council.

He draws attention to Russia’s efforts in this case to seriously strengthen the ground forces and air defense group, deploying significant naval forces in the waters of the Gulf of Finland.

“In this case, it will no longer be possible to talk about a non-nuclear status of the Baltic state – the balance must be restored. Until now, Russia had not taken such measures and did not intend to do so. If we are forced to, well: “note – we did not propose them,” as the protagonist of a famous old film said, “warns Medvedev.

He said that there was no point in saying that without the “special operation in Ukraine”, the question of these countries joining NATO would not have arisen at all and the situation would have been easier for Russia. That is not true. “First, there have been attempts to bring them into the alliance in the past. And secondly, and most importantly, we do not have territorial disputes with these countries, as is the case with Ukraine. And that’s why the price of such participation is different for us, “he said.

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He points out that public opinion in Sweden and Finland on the need to join NATO is roughly divided – half in favor and the other not. Such a result has been achieved “with the maximum efforts of domestic propagandists”.

“No sane person wants higher prices and taxes, increased tensions at the borders, Iskander, hyper-sounding equipment and nuclear-powered ships literally at your fingertips. Let us hope that the minds of the northern neighbors still win. But if not, then, as they say, “the same will come,” concludes Medvedev.

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