“Medieval Enclave Gets a Facelift: Villa Jarrillera Adorns Garbage Containers with Historical Photographs”

The Historical Center of the Villa jarrillera has inaugurated a new image for its garbage containers, which now look adorned with old photographs from 1886 to 1952, which have been recovered from the Municipal Archive. The action is part of the work to beautify this medieval enclave which, on this occasion, has not involved any cost to the City Council. The garbage collection company, which is the one that has placed the vinyls, included this improvement in its contract specifications.

This is how the Councilor for the Environment and Services of the City Council, Iker Villalba, explains it: “The containers are necessary because we all have to throw away the rubbish, but we must make them as pleasing to the eye as possible, make the city as friendly as possible “, Explain. According to the mayor, they seek to “continue to give this impetus to the historic center.”

There are five areas that have these traditional containers, which have now also become shop windows where they show an image of “what the place was like so that people can situate themselves. We have a well-preserved heritage.”

Villalba encourages us to “enjoy the Medieval Town that we have in Portugalete, which is marvelous, and everything we put in we have to do it in a way that is not too intrusive.”

Now, these containers for the collection of waste are not only more visually friendly, but have also become a singular support that reviews the Villa’s past through beautiful photographs rescued from its historical archive.

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2023-05-26 14:55:33
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