Medicine Authority: 80% of sore throat cases are caused by viral infections

The Egyptian Medicines Authority said that more than 80% of sore throat cases are caused by viral infections, while antibiotics are used specifically for infections caused by bacteria.​

And the Egyptian Medicines Authority added: “If the child suffers from a sore throat, runny nose and cough, then the virus is the likely cause and tests for a “bacterial” infection are not required.

And the Egyptian Medicines Authority continued: Antibiotics are used only to treat sore throats caused by streptococcus bacteria

The Egyptian Medicines Authority advises not to give children antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription, as well as the need to follow the pharmacist’s instructions regarding the method of dilution, methods of taking them, and the method of preserving them, while adhering to the full treatment period, even if the child improves before the end of the specified period.​

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