Medicine 2020, today the test results. Students in quarantine: there is no supplementary test

On September 17, the results of the test for admission to the faculty of medicine arrive, which took place on September 3. The scores can be found in the reserved area of ​​each student on the Universitaly website and are for the moment anonymous, that is, it is possible to trace your result through the numerical code that was assigned to each student on the day of the test. Only on September 29 will we know the names of those admitted and where they can attend, among the faculties they have chosen. The ranking, which is the only national one, will then run at a fixed rate. The admitted this year are 13,075.

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Students in quarantine

On Tuesday, the Minister of the University Gaetano Manfredi brought positive news to those students who could not take the test because they were in quarantine or awaiting the outcome of the swab: There are a few dozen – he told SkyTg 24 -, the number we have forty, compared to the sixty-six thousand who had signed up for the test. I also submitted the problem to the public function department for clarification on the possibility of taking a supplementary test, I was told that since it is an illness, today the law provides that those who are sick and lose a competition or a single test are not entitled to recover it. This does not only concern those suffering from Covid or in quarantine, it also concerns those in the hospital or those who broke their leg. For a problem of equal treatment among all citizens, making a supplementary test only for those who have a Covid problem, today represents a disparity with respect to the equality of conditions among all competitors.

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