Medicinal vegetable, cheap and easy to find at stalls. It cures many serious diseases and helps you to know

Gulls can be classified as superfoods because they have a lot of health benefits. Although they are related to radishes but also to cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli, unfortunately, they do not enjoy the same popularity, although they contain a lot of nutrients, writes

Goulis are rich in glucosinolates, substances that make goulis a veritable antioxidant “bomb”. Some studies even show that people who regularly eat cucumbers are safer from cancer. It was not for nothing that an American researcher called cabbages, due to their anti-cancer properties, vegetables medicine. To fully benefit from the properties of medicinal vegetables, it is ideal to eat them raw, perhaps in a salad with other vegetables. But to convince yourself of the benefits of this vegetable, here are its three main properties:

1. They strengthen the immune system and prevent anemia. Gulia juice helps to release toxins from the body. Gulia also contains vitamin B6, which strengthens the immune system and helps form hemoglobin, and vitamin C, one of the most powerful antioxidants.

2. Fight muscle contractions. Pomegranate juice is indicated for combating muscle contractions and alleviating the pain caused by them. Consumed daily, at breakfast, one glass at a time, gooseberry juice can do wonders for curls.

3. It is an excellent help for diabetics. It regulates the level of sugar in the blood, which means that it can also be consumed by those who have problems with diabetes.

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