Medical students request a unique agenda and an online and face-to-face seat choice at MIR 2021


The State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) has sent the General Directorate of Professional Organization of the Ministry of Health a document with proposals on the call for Specialized Training in Health (FSE) 2020-2021, in which they claim to include the date of the exam in the call, a closed study program, exam in co-official languages ​​or establish the choice of the place both electronically and in person.

First, they note that rumors have emerged in recent months about the possibility of delaying the ESF testing date. “This uncertainty has generated great concern among applicants. Therefore, we request that this calendar be recovered from the different moments of the call for future editions, which includes the exact date of the exam ”, they ask.

Likewise, they bet that the offer of new specialized health training positions should be carried out in accordance with the demographic needs of specialists in Spain in the long term, and that these new positions “should be offered in those teaching units that have quality and the ability to train professionals. “

Therefore, they request the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities to exercise “a leadership role” at the national level in medical demography, “limiting the indiscriminate opening of new medical schools and the increase in the number of clauses, to prevent Every year more medical students are trained so that the system can continue training through specialized health training. “

They also urge the introduction of a medical examination before the choice of venue rather than during the opening. “In order to guarantee a correct allocation of FSE positions, you must pass this medical examination after the test and before choosing the position, so that when choosing your position you know if you will be able to practice in that specialty, therefore“ avoiding the possibility that a person is incapacitated to exercise the specialty they have already chosen, leaving that position vacant, “they justify.

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