– Classifieds – The CNSS: Why the slowness in processing pensioners’ files and solutions


One thing that our editorial staff has understood when approaching pensioners and the CNSS is the poor approach to its information system and the delay in updating its database.
In the approach of its information system, the CNSS records its debts by debiting an employer’s account to the credit of we do not know which account. This situation is explained by the fact that, as soon as a retirement form is received from a new pensioner, the internal system is organized so that the agents leave the employer accounts the corresponding contributions to the new pensioner in order to constitute his own account. What work ?!
However, knowing the employer’s affiliation number as well as that of the employee, the CNSS could associate them with the accounting accounts in their information system. In this way, when declaring employers, agents can debit the total amount declared and individually credit the employees who relate to it, thanks to the payroll summary sheet that accompanies any declaration. And subsequently, debit their cash account by crediting that of the employer. This makes it possible to strengthen internal control at the time of entry at the level of the balance between the declared amount and the attached payslip.
Unfortunately, the CNSS or better the agents or designers of the software preferred a simplistic approach of entering during the declarations only the amount to be paid by the employer without worrying at this moment, the details of the employees that the Fund tries in spite of itself, to catch up each time a pensioner is added to the base via the retirement pension form. We thus manage to forget certain years of careers of the new pensioners, especially as many years pass (forgetting, loss of documents, moving…); the whole is ultimately to the detriment of pensioners.
What also astonishing, the software seems it to have been developed in Senegal while there are viable 100% Congolese companies on site such as InfoSet or others than to become dependent on other countries! All this is unacceptable. Perhaps with the current vision of the Head of State to make new DR Congolese billionaires, we can use this article to rethink the approach of the application that manages our pensioners in order to avoid them tricks useless for at least three months as CNSS agents like to say.
The new approach will allow a permanent update of the employee accounts at the same time as the employers make their declarations and this, with an effective internal control during the entries. This will in turn free our National Social Security Fund (CNSS) from the grip of a foreign country through software that does not even make work user-friendly.


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