Media sympathetic to Trump change the tone. They talk about accepting the defeat and the “legacy” of the presidency | News from the world

Although the US elections were held on Tuesday, we still do not know who turned out to be the winner. Counting votes is still in progress in several states – even before November 3, tens of millions of people voted by correspondence.

He is still leading in the presidential race Bidenwho has 253 electoral votes. Trump and 213. According to analysts, the advantage of the Democratic Party candidate will only grow with the last tens of thousands of votes counted in Pennsylvania. This means that it is likely to win this state with its 20 electoral votes and exceed the election threshold. However, as long as the counting of votes continues, Biden’s success cannot be announced. Interestingly, however, the closer to his victory, the conservative American media is slowly changing the narrative about Trump.

The result in Pennsylvania is “obvious.” The media refrains from announcing the winner

US elections. After Biden took the lead, media sympathizing with Trump began to change tone

As The Guardian notes, the likely defeat of Trump is becoming more and more aware of the sympathetic editorial offices of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the tabloid The New York Post.

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Head of the OSCE mission to the US on work in the presidential elections

They all belong to billionaire Rupert Murdoch and, as the Guardian journalists emphasize, the sudden change of tone in all the media mentioned seems to be coordinated. On the air and on “paper” there are appeals to the incumbent president to accept the defeat with dignity, so that the “legacy” of his presidency can be preserved.

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Such an appeal was made on Fox News by Laura Ingraham, a journalist on The Ingraham Angle, who does not hide her support for Trump (speaking at the 2016 Republican National Convention).

– If and when it is time to accept the unfavorable result in this election, and we hope it never comes, President Trump must do this with the same grace and composure he demonstrated at the Savannah Guthrie Town Hall Debate [bez udziału Bidena – red.] Ingraham was saying.

– Losing, especially if you think this trial was unfair, can be described as a blow. Of course, I am not saying that everything is a foregone conclusion. While the failure will be terrible, President Trump’s legacy will become more important if he focuses on pushing the country forward, a Fox News journalist said.

“Fox News is rebelling and telling the truth”

When asked if Republican observers were not allowed to oversee the counting of votes, as suggested by the incumbent president, one Fox News reporter replied flatly: That’s not true. This is simply not true. Tweet with the words of a journalist was thrown by Rex Chapman, a former NBA basketball player who fights against addiction drugswho often comments on current events in social media, not only sports. “Gosh, Fox News is rebelling and telling the truth,” Chapman wrote.

“The reality is that the United States is likely to have a normal election result.”

The Wall Street Journal ran an article with an almost identical message (it was called “The Presidential Endgame.” It suggested to Trump that he, of course, had the right to submit protests in court, but needs strong evidence that a fraud has indeed happened.

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“Trump’s legacy will be greatly diminished if his last act is a bitter refusal to accept a legitimate defeat. The reality is that the United States is likely to have a normal election result, regardless of cheers now and then,” warns WSJ.

The New York Post, which targeted Hunter’s son of Joe Biden before the election, hinted on the front page that Biden is very close to winning the election. The New York Times found that leading tabloid editors were to instruct the rest of the editorial staff to write a little “sharper” about Trump from now on.

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