Media information Dresden Police Headquarters no. 644|22

Authors: Stefan Grohme (sg), Uwe Hofmann (uh), Philipp Strehle (ps), Marco Schulze (ms) and Rocco Reichel (rr)

State capital Dresden

The man tried to injure the police officers

Time: 11/27/2022, 21:20
Location: historic center of Dresden

The Dresden police are investigating a man (47) for assaulting law enforcement officers and assault.

Officials were called to a bar on Prager Strasse because the 47-year-old had slightly injured a man (60) there. When the police wanted to take the German to the police station to report him, he tried to kick the officers.

Police overpowered the man and took him into custody. The officers were unharmed. The 47-year-old was under the influence of alcohol with more than 1.7 per thousand, as a test showed. (um)

Electric scooter damaged

Hours: from 26/11/2022 22:30 to 27/11/2022 12:00
Location: Dresden-Stetzsch

Unknown people damaged an electric scooter on Flensburger Strasse at the weekend. The perpetrators allegedly put a burning object on the roof rack and caused material damage of around 350 euros. (sg)

car theft

Hours: 27/11/2022, from 19:30 to 20:35
Location: Dresden-Seevorstadt

Unknown people broke into a Ford Focus on Reitbahnstrasse on Sunday evening.

The perpetrators damaged the vehicle’s door lock and searched the interior. They stole two notebooks for a total value of around 3,600 euros. The pecuniary damage amounts to approximately 150 euros. (ps)

Meissen district

trailer fired

Timetable: 27.11.2022, 07:55
Location: Radebeul

Unknown men set fire to a vehicle trailer on Neuländer Straße on Sunday morning.

The fire also damaged a Citroen Jumper. The material damage is not yet known. Police are investigating the arson. (ps)

The woman overlooked the roundabout

Timetable: 26.11.2022, 21:15
Location: Zeithain

On the B 169, a woman (aged 64) crossed a roundabout on Saturday evening.

The driver was driving a Ford Tourneo on the B 169 in the direction of Gröditz. He has just passed the An der Borntelle roundabout. There was property damage of around 3,000 euros. (SM)

District of Saxon Switzerland – Eastern Ore Mountains

The man transferred around 6,300 euros to scammers

Hours: 11/26/2022, 2pm to 6pm
Location: Dohna

Unknown people defrauded a man (61) via WhatsApp on Saturday of around 6,300 euros.

The perpetrators pretended to be the son of the man who had a new phone number and needed money. The 61-year-old then transferred more than €6,300. When the man later had contact with his son, he noticed the fraud.

Police advise:

– Talk to relatives if you receive such messages!
– Do not rush to transfer money to unknown accounts!
– In case of suspicion, inform the police! (rr)

The driver caused an accident – the test showed about 1.9 per thousand

Time: 11/25/2022, 7:45pm
Location: Pirna

Police are investigating a female driver (age 50) for drink driving.

Witnesses informed officials that the 50-year-old had rammed the crash barriers in a parking lot on Grohmannstrasse with a Ford Grand. When the police arrived, the German could be placed in front of the building. A breath alcohol test showed a value of about 1.9 per mille. The amount of material damage has not yet been determined. (rr)

2,000 euros damage to property in an accident

Hours: 11/27/2022, 4.30pm
Place: Pirna Graupa

An accident caused property damage amounting to around 2,000 euros on Sunday afternoon. Nobody got hurt.

The driver (59) of a Seat Ateca parked the car on Prof.-Werner-Strasse. After exiting the vehicle, he crashed into an Audi A1. (rr)

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