Media: in Chechnya, two people were killed in a shootout between riot police and SOBR officers

OMON and SOBR officers opened fire near a cafe in the village of Achkhoy-Martan in Chechnya, resulting in the deaths of two people, reported TASS and The base.

“In the village of Achkhoy-Martan in Chechnya, not far from a cafe, there was a shootout between SOBR and OMON officers, as a result of which two people were killed, including one Rosguard officer and another civilian. Currently, the number of victims is being established, ”a TASS source said.

According to the Telegram channel Baza, two riot policemen came to the cafe in a state of alcoholic intoxication and “began to row,” the manager took them out into the street and called a friend of the Rosgvradia employee. Three Russian Guards arrived at the scene. After the conflict, shooting began, two people died, three were injured.


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