Medhat Shalabi threatens to electrocute: “I will give you your old notebooks.”

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Media Medhat Shalaby attacked Mahmoud Kahraba, the star of Al-Ahly’s first football team, after his team’s match against the Sudanese Al-Merrikh, in the African Champions League groups.

“Kahraba carried out provocative actions towards the Sudanese players,” Shalaby said via On Time Sports.

Shalabi threatened Al-Ahly’s star: “If what happened today, it will be repeated again, you will see your old files and notebooks, oh electricity.”

He continued: “Electrifying behavior is not appropriate for the Al-Ahly club, and the player put his hand on his mouth and uttered words that appear to be offensive towards the visiting team.”

And he ended his statements: “You know how good you are, when you open your old books, what you got.”

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