Medellin today: Aldo Bobadilla and his controversial statements by Copa Libertadores | Copa Libertadores

Medellin began the group stage of the Copa Libertadores with a resounding 1-2 defeat against Libertad and Aldo Bobadilla broke out in his statements after the meeting at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.

“We talk to the players, we are guided by the results, the board of directors always has my resignation letter available. We haven’t been playing well, we haven’t been getting the results. This is a message for the fans, I apologize for the bad results. We qualify for the group stage in the Copa Libertadores but the performance has not been good lately, we have not won and it is a reality that we cannot hide. Because when everything is fine, everything is fine. But what is wrong must also be said, I can not hide in a bad result, this game the team lost it maybe playing well, but it does not come showing what I want and they know it, then that will always be there, I apologize to the fans that tonight accompanied us for the bad result obtained ”, with these statements apologizing to the fans and presenting their resignation available to managers, Aldo Bobadilla closed a spicy press conference, where blame was accepted level that Independiente Medellín has been presenting in recent games.

The Paraguayan coach accepted the bad approach and also said that his leaders did not comply with the orders especially in the first half, when Medellín was losing the game against Libertad de Paraguay in 28 minutes 0-2 in the Athanasius.

“We lost the game, I am sad because we knew that the opponent was going to propose. We study the opponent and in the first option they mark us in a stopped ball, the opponent arrived twice and scored two goals, defended himself very well. We play well at times, but this is goals, we lacked more depth. It was a very difficult game, in the first minutes we relaxed and it cost us dearly, ”said Bobadilla.

As for the attack front, the Paraguayan coach declared that “we lacked more finesse, I think we opened the court a lot, we triangulated, but we needed to filter the ball better against a rival who was crouched. It is very difficult to enter with a frontal pass ”.

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On the absence of Federico Laurito in this match, Bobadilla explained that “the player was not there because he has an inflammation of the knee, that makes it difficult for him to train normally, we are going to study him. He has had minutes and has played several games. ”

In defense, Aldo remarked that there was no defensive disorder and that Freedom in the two occasions that ended in goal were due to “neglections in the stopped ball and carelessness in defense with a striker like (Oscar Cardozo) ‘Tacuara’, which when he turns inside the area is lethal. ”

Of the changes made beginning the complementary stage, Aldo said that “it is not so simple, if I were a fortune teller I would not be here, it is very easy to speak before and after the result. It is very difficult to be inside, we had to risk the result. Its not that easy”.

Finally, on the level of Juan Fernando Caicedo, Bobadilla commented that “should I go in the arch? The forward must be where I put it, he had chances but he did not convert, but he walked well within the area. ”

Juan Camilo Álvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
On twitter: @ juanchoserran8


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