Measurement of fever at school, Tar rejected request for suspension of Piedmont ordinance

The Piedmont TAR rejected the request for an emergency suspension requested by the government against the order of President Alberto Cirio which provides that Piedmontese schools verify that families measure their children’s fever at home in the morning, as required by national law.

The schools will therefore continue to measure the fever of students in Piedmont, at least until October 14, when the cause will be discussed in the Council Chamber.

The decision to reject the suspension, according to what is learned, is based on the fact that the regional ordinance does not subvert what has been established by the State, but supplements it.

For the administrative judges, again according to what is learned, the health risk was in any case such as to justify extraordinary measures.

The TAR says no to the request for suspension of the ordinance of the Piedmont Region

The Ministry of Education had challenged the ordinance of the Piedmont Region, at the center of the controversy in recent days, which obliges schools to check the temperature of students and families to certify it.

In recent days, Minister Azzolina had defined the order as “untimely and inappropriate”, announcing the intention to challenge the provision.

Cirio, in an interview with La Stampa, had told of a phone call in which the minister Azzolina she would have invited him to think again: too many problems for families, forced to write in the diary every morning.

“If the Piedmont ordinance is challenged we will defend ourselves in the appropriate forums”, the governor had said when faced with the hypothesis of the challenge.

“We believe we are right – he added -. I think I have the reason on my side, because it concerns the protection of the health of the Piedmontese. This is not my personal choice, it is a decision shared by the medical and scientific world “.

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