Meanwhile, Brad Pitt shows up in New York in a weird tartan suit

The comedian was photographed leaving his New York hotel on Thursday, November 17. Equipped with a bag and sunglasses, he split photographers’ flashes in a blue and gray hooded suit.

She’d tried on the ranger skirt in Berlin, opted for a salmon-colored suit in Paris, gambled on a candy-pink suit in Seoul. Throughout the summer Brad Pitt will have created the surprise during the promotional tour of the film High speed train, with its extravagant, bold and crazy outfits. The 58-year-old actor, divorced from Angelina Jolie in 2019 and recently seen on the arm of a certain Inès de Ramon (29), thus seems to be enjoying a renewal of youth that he expresses through his clothes.

This Thursday, November 17th, he was seen once again in striking appearance. Checking out of his New York hotel, the comedian appeared in a gray hooded suit printed with blue tiles. A dubious outfit accessorized with metal-rimmed sunglasses and a pair of white slip-ons as slippers. Rather in a good mood, Brad Pitt greeted the crowd of photographers stationed in front of the building.

photo fig-media--portrait ">
Brad Pitt in New York on Thursday November 17, 2022. Abaca
photo fig-media--portrait ">
Brad Pitt in New York on Thursday November 17, 2022. Abaca

In the video, Brad Pitt offers a luxury camper for over one million euros

God’s real cashmere

Parallel to his career in cinema, Brad Pitt establishes various collaborations and enjoys placing pawns in many different fields. After starting the wine business at Miraval, with Angelina Jolie, and buying the legendary recording studios of the same name that had seen Pink Floyd or AC/DC pass by, the self-taught launched his brand 100% last September cashmere called the real cashmere of God. Who knows if he didn’t design his own weird tracksuit himself?

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