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Meal vouchers: big change in sight when paying for your groceries

Paying your entire cart with meal vouchers will soon no longer be possible. Some supermarkets have so far failed to differentiate between food and non-food products. The Colruyt group announces that all its supermarkets (Colruyt, Okay, Spar and Bio-Planet) will clearly distinguish between the two types from 1 September.

In consultation with the issuers of meal vouchers and the Comeos sectoral federation, we have reached a commitment to automate the process of distinction.“, said a spokesperson for Colruyt.”A simple and clear application is transparent for the customer and relieves the cashiers“Other supermarket chains were not making the separation either. Delhaize indicated that as of September 1, meal vouchers will no longer be accepted for non-food products.

Wim Van Edom of Comeos confirms the changes. “VIA (the organization bringing together the issuers of meal vouchers, Editor’s note) decided to better control the correct application of the system. It was no small feat to achieve this correctly everywhere. A timetable was therefore established in order to give the stores time to adapt their cash register systems. The coronavirus crisis did not speed things up, but the final deadline was set for September“.

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