MCU spoiler? The new threat of the Avengers will be presented in a video game

A comic book has appeared in the popular Epic Games video game and the important thing is its content that, in addition to confirming the arrival of Thor, also shows that the Marvel villain, Galactus will appear in ‘Fortnite’.

While the appearance of Thor in the video game, there are already clues on social networks, the context in which it will arrive has remained a mystery. However, fans of the Thor comics can already know what awaits ‘Fortnite’ in the coming days.

The appearance of thor in ‘Fortnite’ it was leaked through a failed comic that appeared to certain players.

The image showed a Thor-like character wielding a hammer surrounded by lightning, but it wasn’t confirmed until later that the hero was, in fact, Thor.

‘Fortnite’ then shared an image with the game’s logo and Thor’s face and the Marvel logo underneath., the caption accompanying the image was a series of emojis, a hammer, a lightning bolt and a rainbow. The image also had a date announcing that the event would take place on August 27.

The video game’s official Twitter has posted once more, but this time with a clear image of the God of Thunder, it also announced that “the herald has found the island“and that players could experience the first part of the prelude to war in the game.

Players will have the option to read the first part of a comic that tells the story that leads to Thor and also confirms that Galactus will appear in ‘Fortnite’.

Galactus asks Thor to announce to him to consume planets so that he can gain enough strength to defeat Black Winter. Thor agrees to do so, but when the couple approaches The Island, Thor rushes to warn the inhabitants of Galactus’ imminent arrival. That’s where the first part of the comic ends, but it is obvious that the place they are heading is the island from ‘Fortnite’.

The end of the third season of ‘Fortnite’ is just around the corner, and this could be the event that ends it all. Galactus could consume The Island and season 4 could see a new map.

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