Mcdonald’s reopens in Modica after 13 years and challenges the Modica scacce

Modica – The revenge. Thirteen years after the scorching defeat in the kitchen, Mcdonald’s returns to Modica and returns to challenge the Modica scacce, which won the first half of the street food match.
Mcdonald’s will open shortly in Modica Bassa, in the historic center, and will be in a pedestrian and car transit area.
In the first decade of the 2000s, the default of the Mac experience in the Sorda neighborhood caused a sensation, in a place not reachable by students, many of whom are not motorized and accustomed to snacking in places close to their school.
Mindful of the mistake, the managers of the American sandwich have identified this time a strategic place, which can force on the high traffic of people, who can reach the Mac on foot.



In 2009 it was said that Modica cuisine, with its scacce, defeated the international and anonymous food of Mcdonald’s. That may have been the case. But perhaps the location of the place also weighed in the sinking of that experience.
In a few weeks the Mac opens in low Modica and the second half is played: Double Cheesburger, or scaccia di onion and tomato?

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