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McDonald’s is going into fashion! Beautiful swimwear makes the event


McDonald’s is the biggest brand in fast food of the world. The restaurant chain is present worldwide. It serves tens of millions of meals a day. But there, McDonald’s is surprising because it is not the announcement of a new burger that makes noise on the web. These are swimsuits in the colors of the sign !

McDonald’s gets talked about with derivative products that have an impact

You will understand that McDonald’s has very well put together marketing plans. Because the swimwear that the brand has just produced does not mean that the restaurant is going into fashion. The most famous brand of burgers has existed since 1940 and must be able to adapt to changes. In order not to remain in the past, it must show that it is capable of innovating and above all show that it adapts to current society over the years. Indeed, it now offers quality products that are able to boast of their origins. Then, she was able to offer vegetarian menus and healthy and balanced children’s menus. Today it is a question of showing that it is committed to participating in the ecological revolution.

McDonald’s intends to remain a flagship brand of fast food. So she too gets up to date by adopting eco-responsible gestures as much as possible. First, they are employees who clean every day around from restaurants the packaging that customers would have let go. Then there are packages that include less and less plastic. Then the brand changes color outright to integrate green and thus recall the color of ecology. And lately it is straws that are removed from trays and restaurants, in September 2019.

Ecology, a phenomenon that should no longer be ignored

It is therefore to let the world know that plastic straws no longer exist at McDonald’s that swimwear comes into play. Indeed, McDonald’s swimwear will not be sold. They appear to show that the store’s straw stocks have been used to become something else. Rather than ending up in the trash, they made it possible to make swimwear in the restaurant’s colors. This promotion cup is innovative! McDonald’s swimsuits are then made thanks to recycling plastic straws that will never return to customers’ trays. The jerseys are also made up of plastic waste recovered from the oceans.

In the seas and oceans, if nothing is done to slow their pollution by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish. And rather than offering a speech that will make us lose our appetite, McDonald’s opts for innovation. In Austria, swimsuits in the colors of the brand then appeared. But even the Austrians don’t will be able not get the famous bathing suits. Indeed, only the winners of a contest via social networks can become the happy owners of the outfits. So McDonald’s doesn’t go into fashion. The brand made a marketing coup that reminds the world that the environment is important to it.

McDonald’s swimwear sends a strong message

It is not without reason that these are swimsuits. Again, this remains consistent with his discourse and his apparent desire to protect the seas and oceans from plastic waste. On the other hand, fashion and style fans will be attracted to this latest creation. Indeed, McDonald’s swimsuits are superb. A model for men and a model for women are presented and they are really pretty. For women, it’s a one-piece swimsuit. It is white and a few vertical, red and yellow stripes remind the colors of the fast food sign. For men, it’s swim shorts in the same colors.

McDonald’s succeeds in shifting the serious and heavy discourse of the pollution of the planet by plastic waste. The brand manages to show that recycling is useful and chooses swimwear to do so. Indeed, what could be more ideal than to recall the vacation to their customers while telling them that the environment matters to them.

No sales of swimwear but a perfectly studied promotion move

It is therefore with positive emotions and an invitation to vacation that the brand replaces the discourse of pollution of the seas and oceans.

Swimwear are therefore only available in Austria for the moment on participation in a competition. But perhaps other events of this kind will see the light of day on the brand’s French social networks. In any case, this seems to be an entirely acceptable and effective strategy for talking about the pollution of the world‘s waters. No moral lessons here, only evidence that the environment matters to McDonald’s. The end of plastic straws in restaurants, shops, bars and cafes is a major challenge. Little by little, single-use plastic is disappearing and it’s a good thing for our world. In addition, McDonald’s swimwear is a sensation!



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