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McDonalds: disgust find! If you do THAT, you should be careful

McDonalds: disgust find! If you do THAT, you should be careful

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At McDonalds, researchers discovered disgusting things. (Icon image)

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Disgusting discovery at MC Donalds!

Hand hygiene should always be a priority, even in times without a corona virus. A finding from researchers has now shown that this is not the case in some people MC Donalds.

It’s all about the practical order machines in the branches of the fast food giant. But now the British newspaper “Metro” warns of the large touchscreens MC Donalds: Traces of faeces were detected on the screens!

For several years now, customers at McDonalds have been able to place their orders not only at the counter, but also on the touchscreen in front of them, and pay by card.

McDonalds: faecal bacteria found on ordering devices!

Together with human biologists from the London Metropolitan University, “Metro” examined a total of eight McDonalds branches, six in London and two in Birmingham. Shocking: Coliform bacteria were found on each of them!


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Microbiology lecturer Dr. Paul Matewele is surprised by “how many intestinal and faecal bacteria were on the touchscreen devices. They cause the kind of infections that people get in hospitals. ”For example, the bacterium“ Staphylococcus ”, which is highly contagious and can cause blood poisoning and toxic shock syndromes, was detected on a screen. Listeria were also found on two touchscreens – they can lead to miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women.

Wash hands after ordering?

The researchers also found Proteus bacteria on three quarters of the screens tested. These occur in human and animal faeces. Here too Dr. warns Matewele before the possibility of the transmission of dangerous diseases: “You can be very careful with your own everyday hygiene, but everything can be destroyed again by using a touchscreen device once.”

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A McDonalds spokesman commented on “Metro”: “Our self-service screens are used a lot throughout the day. All of our restaurants also offer facilities where customers can wash their hands before eating. ”

The best thing to do between ordering and picking up your food is to stop at the next sink. (at)

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