Mazda donates cargo e-bikes to SOS Children’s Village in Düsseldorf for food distribution

As part of the long-standing partnership, Mazda has handed over two cargo e-bikes to the SOS Children’s Village in Düsseldorf. In the future, they will be used primarily in the daily distribution of food for the day care centers operated by the facility, for residential groups and for older people in the city area. Mazda has provided 20,000 euros for the new acquisition. In addition to the two pedelecs for a total of 11,500 euros, a special bicycle garage for 8,500 euros was also purchased from the amount. The cargo bikes can be parked there safely and protected from the weather.

Mazda has been supporting the SOS Children’s Village in the Garath district of Düsseldorf since 2009. It is only a few kilometers from the company’s German headquarters in Leverkusen. (awm)

2023-05-09 07:00:00

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