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Mazda CX-60 e-SkyActiv PHEV 327 Prime-Line


As for engines, it remains, at least until the six-cylinder diesel– and petrol engines arrive in our country, clearly on the price list of the CX-60. For the time being, the SUV is only available in our country with the 327 hp and 500 Nm strong e-Skyactiv plug-in hybrid powertrain. A 2.5 four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor provide that system power, the CX-60 is also always four-wheel drive as a plug-in and has an eight-speed automatic transmission. The battery pack, which is located in the floor of the car, has a capacity of 17.8 kWh. Mazda gives an electric range of 63 kilometers for the CX-60, enough for most commutes. Don’t feel like taking it easy? The sprint to 100 km/h clears the CX-60 if desired in 5.8 seconds, at 200 km/h the cake is finished.

The price list of the CX-60 contains five versions. The basic model is called Prime-Line and is of course in the spotlights in this section. The SUV is also available as an Exclusive-Line, Homura and Takumi. In those versions, the CX-60 costs €53,190, €55,690 or €57,190. This means that the price difference between the cheapest and most expensive CX-60 is not particularly large.

A size smaller

The base model of the CX-60 can first be recognized by its 18-inch dark gray alloy wheels. From the Exclusive Line, the CX-60 is standard on 20-inch light metal. Other wheels are not available from the factory on the Prime-Line. The matt finish of the honeycomb grille and the frame of the side windows also betrays that you are dealing with the slip-on. Mazda offers the choice of a total of eight paint colors for the CX-60, but only the ‘Arctic White’ shown can be ordered at no extra cost. If you prefer that your CX-60 rolls out of the spray booth in a different color, then you have to put at least €1,000 on the table. The color ‘Soul Red Crystal’ is the most expensive option with an additional cost of €1,350.

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Mazda CX-60

The paint color is also the only aspect that you can still configure on the Prime-Line. Fortunately, for the starting price of more than 50 mille, you already immediately get LED headlights and taillights, electrically folding door mirrors, rear parking sensors and a light and rain sensor on board. Mazda also supplies two different charging cables: a home charger for the regular socket and a Type 2 charging cable of four meters long for public charging points. Keyless Entry is not available on the base version of the CX-60, so to unlock the doors you will have to pick up the remote. That is only available from the Exclusive-Line.

Business touch

Inside the Mazda CX-60 Prime-Line you have no options at all to put everything together to your own taste. So you have to make do with the shown black chairs and dark gray moldings with silver accents. This gives the interior of the CX-60 a fairly businesslike appearance. In front of the driver’s nose is always a 12.3-inch digital instrumentation and the central touchscreen also measures 12.3-inch as standard. Integrated navigation with five-year map updates, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (both wireless) are all part of that multimedia system. The touchscreen can also be operated via the ‘HMI Commander’ on the center console. Not unimportant for music lovers: the audio system of the CX-60 has eight speakers as standard.

Mazda CX-60

Mazda CX-60

Furthermore, the CX-60 as Prime-Line has two-zone climate control. For heated seats you have to look for a higher equipment level. You also have to manually adjust the front seats in the base CX-60. The list of safety features is quite long: Advanced Smart City Brake Support, Smart Brake Support, Lane Keeping Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Distance & Speed ​​Alert, Driver Attention Alert and Turn-Across Traffic, which the CX-60 uses when turning at an intersection. warns of approaching traffic, Mazda always delivers. Also useful on a 4.75 meter long SUV: you don’t have to make the cut for Blind Spot Monitoring and Blind Spot Assist. For adaptive cruise control then again, because that is not standard. Adaptive cruise control is part of the Driver Assistance Pack, which is only available from the Exclusive Line.

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Unlock options

The Exclusive-Line, which costs €53,190, offers many more options for flavoring the CX-60 to your own liking. The richer-equipped CX-60 already has a head-up display, reversing camera, seat and steering wheel heating and Keyless Entry on board, but you can select various packages in addition to this. With the Comfort Pack (€3,000) you get, for example, heated seats at the rear, electrically adjustable and ventilated front seats and leather upholstery. The Convenience & Sound Pack adds a Bose audio system with 12 speakers, an electrically operated tailgate, rear privacy glass and a 360 camera to the equipment of the CX-60 for an additional €3,000.

The list of option packages is not yet at an end, because for €1,750 the previously mentioned Driver Assistance Pack containing adaptive LED headlights, a whole range of extra safety systems and adaptive cruise control is on the price list. Prefer some more light in the interior? Then you can check a panoramic sliding/tilting roof for €1,500. With the equipment levels Homura and Takumi – which give the CX-60 a sportier or more chic appearance – you can also tick these option packages. In that case, the Comfort Pack costs €1,750 instead of €3,000.

Saving on?

All in all, the Mazda CX-60 as Prime-Line is not exactly bad in its stuff as standard, but with the Exclusive-Line, Mazda offers a much richer one for a relatively modest additional cost of €1,500. standard equipment and more options to personalize the car. This makes it all in all quite rewarding to save up for a higher equipment level.

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