Mayors express their desire to participate in acute care reform.

UTRECHT (ANP) – The brain only slows down when people are in their thirties, not as previously thought in people in their twenties. This is what UMC Utrecht says based on recent research in collaboration with an American clinic. The results have been published in the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience.

According to the university, the researchers discovered, among other things, that the connections in our brains initially become increasingly faster: from 2 meters per second in children aged four to 4 meters per second in people between the ages of thirty and forty. “It’s only after that age that they slow down.”

The scientists made measurements using an electrode pad, with more than sixty electrodes that can determine brain activity. “With our data, researchers can create new and better computer models that increase our understanding of the brain,” they say. This could be useful in research into brain disorders, including epilepsy.


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