Mayor writes letter to Leiden residents: ‘Stick to the rules, especially now!’

Leiden, September 16, 2020, 3:23 PM by the editors

Now that the number of infections in Leiden is increasing rapidly, mayor Henri Lenferink is also starting to worry. In a letter, especially addressed to young people, he calls on people to keep their distance. “Now that autumn is approaching, we must continue to adhere to the corona measures.”

In the brief the mayor describes that he finds it very annoying that the corona virus is still circulating in the Netherlands. “We had hoped it would be gone now, but unfortunately that is not the case.” Lenferink is pleased that the number of hospital admissions remains limited so far, but says it is alarming that the number of infections in the city is rising so fast.

The letter is mainly aimed at young people between the ages of sixteen and thirty. “The distribution among them seems to take place mainly in student houses. But parties with family or friends often also cause a lot of infections. I understand well that there is a great need for contact and socializing and that the fear of the disease, especially among young people, is much smaller, but that is how the virus remains active, with all its consequences. ”

The mayor calls on residents of the city to continue to follow the rules seriously and to keep their distance. “Together we can ensure that the children can continue to go to school, that the catering industry and the cinema can remain open and that we can continue to visit our parents and grandparents.”

Lenferink closes the letter by stating that we as Leiden can be proud of the scientists who are working on the development of a vaccine. “We can be proud that our city is cooperating so actively in beating the virus.”

Leiden Coronacrisis


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